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Cover of Traverse City Tourism Magazine

One of the proudest milestones in my photography career was when my work graced the cover of Traverse City Tourism Magazine’s 2021/22 winter edition. During my tenure at Crystal Mountain, I’ve been able to refine my skills, producing breathtaking drone videos and photography that encapsulate the energy and beauty of each moment.

One photograph, in particular, managed to captivate the selection committee, earning a coveted spot on the magazine cover. This achievement serves as a testament to my ability to weave captivating narratives through my lens, encapsulating the very essence of a scene. It underscores my commitment to creating compelling content that resonates with viewers and leaves a lasting impression.

Cover of Traverse City Magazine


Cover of Crystal Mountain Winter Trail Map 2020

One of the highlights of my photography career was when one of my photos was chosen as the cover image for Crystal Mountain’s 2020 Winter Trail Map. The photo came from a meticulously planned photoshoot with the resort’s ski instructors. This experience allowed me to produce numerous quality images, one of which became the face of the trail map, printed thousands of times and serving as a testament to my photographic skills.

Snowboarder in the woods


Used in Multiple Flier for Crystal Mountain

Another standout image I captured was used in a human resource brochure, showcased on the Crystal Mountain website, and used as a flyer for their annual ski swap. The photo, featuring a skier gracefully navigating a challenging black diamond run, is a testament to the skill and precision required in action photography.

Skier kicking up snow on a turn


Here are a few pieces that I have shot, edited, or both. While most of the drone footage in these videos was captured by me, some were done by other professionals that I used to create these videos.

Fat Tire Bike Race Promo Video – 2021:

I edited all the footage to create a promotional video that received positive feedback on social media and was subsequently used to promote the event the following year. The Winter Sports Director loved the video.

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Video Encouraging Visitors to Follow COVID Protocols:

In collaboration with the director of PR for Crystal Mountain, I developed a video and script to encourage visitors to follow COVID protocols. As a result of the video, our lift attendants noticed a significant increase in mask compliance among skiers and riders.

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End of Season Thank You Video – 2021:

I recorded all the footage for this video, showcasing the excellent season at Crystal Mountain. The video generated substantial engagement on social media.

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Slope Promotion Video – 2021:

With springtime leaving most of Michigan snowless, our slopes were still in good shape. I created this video to show that we still had plenty of snow on our slopes, which led to a boost in weekend ticket sales in March.

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