SEO Strategy



I’m currently immersed in an exhilarating SEO project with K&K Digital LLC, a company aspiring to make waves in the security camera market across Northern Michigan and beyond. Our ambition extends beyond merely raising brand awareness – we’re set on building trust, an indispensable component in driving high-value sales. To this end, we’ve crafted a robust SEO strategy designed to effectively position the company in this fiercely competitive market.


Competitor Identification & Keyword Strategy 

The first step in our strategy was to identify local competitors and then expand into low Keyword Difficulty Index (KDI) keywords for security cameras. This approach allowed us to gain insights into the competitive landscape and target specific niche areas that could provide us with a competitive edge.


Keyword Research Utilizing Semrush

Harnessing the capabilities of Semrush, a comprehensive keyword research tool, I compiled a list of keywords that our competitors ranked well for and drove substantial traffic to their sites. Consequently, I broadened the keyword scope to incorporate high-volume terms related to business security camera systems. The focus was primarily on those keywords with low difficulty and decent to high search volume, which became central to our content creation initiatives.


Content Calendar Development

Armed with an exhaustive list of keywords, the next step was to devise a well-thought-out content calendar. This calendar detailed when each piece would be written, its style, the targeted keyword topic, the searcher’s intent, and even included an exemplary well-ranking article for that particular keyword. This systematic approach guaranteed a clear roadmap for our content production.

SEO Optimization & Content Strategy

By finessing our SEO strategy, conducting thorough keyword research, and implementing a structured content calendar, we are confident in our ability to achieve the desired results for K&K Digital LLC. By year-end, K&K Digital will have over 40 new pieces of content geared towards growing an email list and driving specific traffic to their website.

Info Architecture

When structuring my writing, user ease and SEO optimization take precedence. I arrange content in a way that simplifies the information hunt for users while ensuring it’s SEO-friendly. Observing Section 508 compliance, I verify that all images have alt text and headers carry the correct H# tag. This approach not only enhances user experience but also guarantees seamless translations by screen readers.

Content STrategy

As an experienced marketing professional, my expertise extends to a deep understanding of SEO strategy and best practices. My approach is rooted in content strategy, where I create various types of engaging content designed to guide visitors through a journey of small commitments, eventually leading to a sale.

SEO Strategy

I take pride in my ability to conduct effective keyword research. By analyzing the top-performing content of competitors, I build a robust keyword research list. However, I am careful not to duplicate content. Utilizing methods like the skyscraper technique, I ensure each piece of content I produce is unique and aligns with the searcher’s intent.

Creative CopyWriting

My writing style is predicated on clear communication. I aim to educate the reader concisely yet captivatingly, delivering complex information in an easily digestible format. The goal extends beyond educating – it’s to engage and inspire action.