Creative / sales Writing


Material Produced

New Residential User Guide - Eclipse

This piece is given to new customers of a local ISP, explaining how their service works and useful things to know about the company. This helps new customer onboard quicker with their service.

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Vilo Tri-Fold - Eclipse

This sales piece promotes the company’s newly managed Vilo router service. It will help upsell this service to current clients. 

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MSP Multi Page Flier - Eclipse

This document is provided to prospective clients of MSP to elucidate the service and its functionality. MSP can be quite intricate, but this material effectively conveys its advantages to potential customers.

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Camera Tri-Fold - K&K Digital LLC

This piece promotes K&K Digital LLC security camera services. It explains why these cameras are great while highlighting key features. 

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Camera Lead Generator - K&K Digital LLC

This piece is created to entice visitors to join K&K Digital LLC’s email list in exchange for this document. It provides a lot of great info on the benefits of cameras.

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Website Lead Generator - K&K Digital LLC

This piece is used to get people to join the website audience for K&K Digital LLC. Using an optimized title, it hooks potential leads and converts them to the email list. 

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Creative CopyWriting

When creating my sales content, I focus on making sure that the reader fully understands the benefits and objectives of the piece. I use a strategy called “lifting the fog” which simplifies your interactions with our company. By showcasing how our products or services can solve your problems, improve your life, or meet your needs, we ensure that our message resonates with you. This approach not only aids in better understanding but also makes it effortless for you to connect with our brand..

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